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Asian Studies Community on LiveJournal

an interdisciplinary forum for scholars focusing on Asia-related topics

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Asian Studies BA, MA, PhDs
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--> an interdisciplinary forum for students and scholars focusing on Asia-related topics
This is a community for Asian Studies undergrads, graduate students, and professors, potential and certified. We are multi-disciplinary and welcome members from History, Literature, Art History, Anthropology, Musicology, Political Science, Religious Studies, Film Studies, Linguistics, Economics, and more -- the only criteria is that discussion must relate to a regional specialization in Asia. East Asianists (Japanese and Chinese Studies) tend to dominate this forum, but we are very interested in attracting a broader, Pan-Asian membership.

We like posts consisting of questions of scholarly interest, musings, interesting links, new publications of note, swapping information about academic programs, etc. This is not a fan-oriented community, so please post your rave reviews of Jpopstars, Chinese food, and Korean horror films to another community. However, we do welcome such topics as springboards to more focused discussions.

If you stumbled across this community and you want to make an introductory post, go ahead. Let us know where you're studying, your general research interests, maybe the last film you saw, book, or article you read related to Asian Studies, and how you found out about this community. We also have an old community poll that you can fill out, if you're so inclined.

Before you advertise here: Calls for submissions, information about study abroad programs through accredited institutions, descriptive promotions of relevant websites and other media are welcome. Promotional cross-postings for other communities are permitted as long as you are advertising a LiveJournal-related, non-commercial site of relevance to this community's members. Advertisements with limited or localized relevance are discouraged. As a courtesy for advertising in this community, please link back to asianstudies. If your LJ account appears to have been created for the sole purpose of spamming multiple communities, your post will be deleted. Promotions may be deleted at moderator's discretion.

We are not here to do your research for you. Helping out with homework in terms of bouncing off topic ideas and sharing references is okay. However, you must keep homework help ethical and focused. For example, when asking for literature recommendations, you might want to tell us what you've already come across so we don't duplicate your efforts and we have a better idea of what you're looking for. The more vague your question appears, the less inclined we are to believe that you have done any of your own initial legwork. Also, note that if you are coming to this community as a last-minute plea for online resources the night before a paper is due, you're probably already deeply screwed anyway.

Please don't disable, screen, or delete comments to your entries. Entries with disabled comments will be deleted. It defeats the purpose of posting to a community if others cannot benefit from the discussion. If you are concerned about random internet strangers who might trace your post, we recommend friends-locking your post so that only community members can read and respond.

Currently, memories contain patchy discussion histories, but they'll give you a rough idea of what we're about. As of sometime early in the summer of 2005, the memories stopped being updated. We're perpetually organizing tags, so please use those or the LJ search engine to help you locate previous topics.

Your friendly moderator woquinoncoin completed her BA in Asian Studies and Communication Studies from a large American public university, and is a current PhD student in a related field. She sometimes suffers from attacks of workaholism, so if this forum is in need of maintenance, it's probably because she's been sidetracked by life. If you have any questions or concerns about the community, drop her a line.free webpage hit counter
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